Who we are

Distinguished and experienced attorneys serving all of Metro Detroit and clients throughout the State of Michigan.

While our principal office is located West Bloomfield, Michigan, we have office locations in counties throughout Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Howell, and Troy.  

Rather than attempting to address every area of the law, our attorneys are hand selected to provide expert specialized service in the following areas of law:  

Personalized Service

At The Michigan Legal Team, P.C, we provide clients with the legal care and individualized service they deserve.  Our attorneys are straightforward and work hard to keep clients updated on the status of their case.  Clients are given direct contact with the attorney best suited to answer questions, provide explanations, and dispel any confusion to ensure that clients have an accurate understanding of the legal process.

I have been a client of the Michigan Legal Team for 20 years now and have always been treated with respect and courtesy ... I would highly recommend the them for any and all of your legal needs.
— Melissa S

Our Legal Approach

As attorneys, we take a very holistic approach to cases, that is to say, we consider the law from both a comprehensive perspective and what will be best for the client. Based on this approach, we are able set proper expectations for the case while relentlessly pursuing favorable outcomes. Thorough case preparation allows us to devise effective case strategies, and we recognize what may serve one particular client well does not necessarily do so for another. In that regard, we tailor our legal approach for each case. For some clients, negotiating a settlement quickly after filing a claim best serves their interests. For others, it may be more appropriate to file a claim and then a lawsuit. With yet other clients, carrying litigation through to trial by judge or jury may more effectively suit their objectives.

Arrange a Consultation

We invite you to arrange a consultation to discuss your legal issues. Please contact our office at 248-353-3600, or toll free at (877) 353-3600. We will schedule an appointment for you to speak with a lawyer.