Our firm is comprised of a select group of hardworking attorneys and staff members who are passionate about getting results, maintaining high professional standards, and delivering legal services based on honesty and setting realistic expectations.

We believe deeply in the philosophy that our clients benefit most when they have the right individual assisting them at each stage of the case.  As our name implies, we rely heavily on the team approach and our firm is modeled much like that of a sports team.  Each attorney and member of our staff has a particular role (position) that emphasizes their strengths and matches the needs of the client.  As the case progresses, new attorneys and staff members are brought in with specialized skills matching the evolving needs of the client.  

Whether our clients are dealing with a serious personal injury, criminal charges, a divorce, or another area of our specialization, they all mark crucial turning points in life where the right legal representation will make a significant difference in determining the future and outcome of their case. Without an effective team of lawyers, with a diverse skillset of specialties, the outcome of the case can hang in the balance. 

While our capabilities span a broad scope of legal areas, we are always careful to ensure that we are experts in our areas of practice.  As such, the primary focus of our practice is on cases that often have the greatest impact on people’s lives personal injury, divorce and criminal law.

We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about the firm, our individual attorneys, and the areas in which we practice.

If you would like to speak with a lawyer, please call our office at 248-353-3600. We will arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys at your convenience.