Dog Bites in Detroit, Southfield and Westland Michigan

Statistics show that 800,000 people require medical treatment annually, and 6,000 victims are hospitalized for injuries arising from dog attacks.

In Michigan, cases of dog bite fall under ‘‘strict liability law,’’ designed to protect humans. While a dog’s owner, in most cases, must have prior knowledge of the dog’s tendency to bite, Michigan’s strict liability law makes an owner liable for any bite, regardless of his knowledge. Key points, however, are that the owner is not liable if a dog is intentionally provoked or if the victim was knowingly trespassing or in the process of committing a felony.

Young children comprise the largest group of dog attack victims for a number of reasons. Shorter than adults, children are close to the dog’s face. A child often does something unexpected that may frighten a dog. Unlike adults, children are not able to protect themselves, and frequently stare into a dog’s eyes, which the dog may view as a challenge. When dogs attack children, the injuries usually occur to the face and head, and may leave marks that last a lifetime through serious scarring, injuries may require long term treatment and plastic surgery for scarring.

If you or your child has been savagely attacked by a dog, retaining an experienced personal injury attorney is vital to protect your rights, obtain compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and hold liable parties responsible for their negligence.

At The Michigan Legal Team, our personal injury attorneys represent clients who are seriously injured by a dangerous animal. When you seek our help, we assist you in determining who was at fault and under what circumstances the attack occurred. To recover damages, it is essential to establish negligence.

  • Did the owner violate local ordinances, such as letting a dog run unattended?
  • Did the owner fail to properly secure the animal?
  • Did the animal have a pattern of vicious behavior?
  • Was the owner aware of the animal’s previous inclination to bite?
  • Was the animal provoked?

We will gather and preserve evidence to support your claim and pursue every avenue of liability to recover damages on your behalf, including physical damage and psychological counseling.

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