Client Testimonials

Joshua D. Freedman

‘‘I am writing this letter to just say how happy I am with the services that Joshua Freedman and the rest of the Michigan Legal Team staff provided me throughout the litigation process. I was involved in a very serious auto accident in October of 2003 and initially went with another firm for representation. Had I known about Josh and the rest of the staff that would have never happened. After the original firm informed me that there wasn’t much they could do for me, I started dealing with the Michigan Legal Team at the request of my family doctor. That proved to be a wise move. Josh and the rest of the staff treated me with the type of respect and care that aren’t typical of a law firm. Ultimately, I received an adequate compensation as a result of my accident which of course was great news. To be honest, before being associated with the Michigan Legal Team and Josh, I had serious doubts if I ever would receive any compensation. I am just so glad that I made the right decision and that they were able to help me. The entire staff has my utmost respect and I will recommend and refer anyone I can to Josh and the staff. To this day Josh and I remain in touch which goes to show that they handle things the right way at Michigan Legal Team. Josh, is a great attorney but part of what makes him so great is that he is an even better person and he and the rest of the staff make you feel comfortable. They give you the impression that they really care, because they actually do! I would just again like to personally thank Josh, Kelly Davidson, and the rest of the staff at Michigan Legal Team for always being available, answering all of my questions, and just never giving up on me or my case. In return, I’ll never stop singing the praises of Josh, Kelly, and the rest of the staff, because they definitely deserve it!’’
            John H.


After being rejected by several law firms who told me that I didn’t have a case, I was a bit discouraged. Nevertheless, I decided to make one last call; that call led me to Joshua Freedman.

Meeting Josh Freedman was like taking a breath of fresh air. He was kind and courteous, but most importantly, he was respectful, and he listened. Josh and the Michigan Legal Team worked hard on my behalf to get over $100,000.00 worth of results, but far greater than that is the relationship that was built-------once my attorney, but always my friend!
            Le Keisha R.

Eric I. Kutinsky

‘‘In November of 2005 I was charged with Driving While Intoxicated, Second Offense, in Livonia, Michigan. Eric successfully pled down my charge to Driving While Impaired – First Offense, saving me $1,000 in Michigan Driver’s Responsibility Fees and a ton of additional fines and costs and other penalties. In addition, I received no jail time for my second offense, despite the fact that my first offense had occurred only 6 weeks prior to my second.’’

‘‘Additionally, Eric was able to get me my driver license back the first time around at the appeal hearing. He offered his advice through his experience and it was perfect! I really appreciate everything he has done for me….’’
Thanks Eric!!             Dan M.


To Whom It May Concern:
June 4, 2008

‘‘My Driver’s License was revoked because of two drinking and driving convictions received the 1980s. My license was taken away for two years. I continued to drive on a suspended license and was convicted 10 times of driving on a suspended or revoked license. Each conviction carried another 4 years of suspension. The state informed me I would be eligible again to drive in the year 2039.

Riding the bus, with two DUIs and no chance of ever driving again, I called Eric Kutinsky and pled my case. He assured me that he would try his best to obtain a fully restored driver’s license for me, and that it would be relatively inexpensive.

Eric was always with me during the court process, and amazingly, we obtained a license to go back and forth to work. Two years later, we obtained a full driver’s license restoration, and today I can drive anywhere, anytime. Because of the efforts of Eric, Stacy, Kelli and the rest of the Michigan Legal Team, I don’t have to take the bus anymore or depend on others for rides.

I highly recommend Eric Kutinsky and the Michigan Legal Team to anyone who is having driver’s license problems as well as any criminal matters. Thank You Michigan Legal Team! You guys are the Best!!’’